How Are The Glass Windows Made?

A glass is said to be a pane of glass which is said not to be complicated structure.  It is made up of a versatile material that can be able to mould into the number of shapes as well as sizes. The material can also get coloured, clear or even gazed. To make the glass, there are some steps which are mentioned below.

  • The first step is to make the glass. It is made by mixing sand with other substances like lime as well as sodium bicarbonate. After that, it is taken to molten liquid with the help of using extreme temperatures.
  • The second step is to cool the molten glass in the desired shape and size.
  • After that, the molten glass is drawn to tank that contains melted tin and glass floats to the surface of the tin in the tank and transformed to the glass. This method is called a drawing method.
  • After that, the glass is again shaped, and it goes annealing process. In this, it is reheated and then slowly cooled to prevent it from shattering.
  • The glass is made of gaze as well as it coated with the heat absorbing tints.

This is the process that is used to make the window glass for your houses or buildings.

When the glass window gets damaged or get cracked it is seen that people run here and there to know how to replace it. But to replace it is very easy and you need to follow some steps for that.