How we make car glass windows

car glass

Have you ever sat in a car (maybe at the driving school – Trafikkskole Horten?) and wondered what would  a car loook like if it didn’t have those side windows? A wreck, maybe. These car glass windows not only protect you from an injury but also give your car an enchanting look. But have you ever thought that how are they made? Do they contain anything other than simple glass? Therefore, considering the importance of these car glass windows, in this article, we are going to cover how these car glass windows are made. Without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

  1. Mixing of Raw Materials:

These car glass windows don’t make out of the blue. It’s a critical step by step process. The first step in this regard is the mixing of raw materials such as limestone, dolomite, and sand. Dolomite is mainly added to equipoise the chemical reactions. In addition to dolomite, soda ash is also a part of this process which is added to minimize the melting temperature. To aid the melting process, a broken glass or a colored glass is added before cutting it into the regarding shape.

  1. Cutting off the Car Glass Window:

After perfectly mixing up the essential raw materials, the class is cut by a tungsten wheel which controlled by a computer. This wheel cuts the glass into the required shape of the car glass window. Moreover, a flame is thrown upon this certain car glass window which provides a thermal stress to crash it along the edges giving it its required shape.

  1. Strengthening the Car Glass Window:

After the cutting of the car glass window in a fine and required shape. This car glass window is subjected to strengthening. It’s strengthened when it is subjected to a very high temperature of about six hundred and 30 degrees Celsius followed by a rapid cooling of the glass. This creates a surface compressive stress in the glass making it stronger and tougher. This process is significant for the making of car glass window. Even if this glass is broken down into a million tiny pieces, it won’t cause any harmful injury.

  1. Lamination of PV:

This lamination is done to provide extra safety to the car glass windows. A layer of PV or polyvinyl butyral gets sandwiched with the glass on the inner side. This material is very stretchable. Hence, even if you (God forbid) goes through an accident, this material will refrain you from getting out of the car. However, now cars have airbags and seatbelts, so this is not very important now. But car glass windows are still laminated as it keeps the person safe.

  1. Windscreen Lamination:

This car glass window has a different lamination than other car glass windows. Its lamination is slightly thinner as compared to other car glass windows. This car glass window is laminated with a thin plastic layer sandwiched between two glass layers. These two glass layers consist of an outer an inner layer with one being slightly thicker than the other. This is done to make the curvature of the glass perfect. By a SAG bending process, these glass layers are subjected to the bending at six hundred degrees Celsius temperature. These two glass layers get molded. Afterward, the plastic layer is added between the two glass layers. Then this sandwich is subjected to a high-pressure boiler for one and a half hour before going to get its quality checked.

  1. Check for Quality:

After the car glass windows are made, they are subjected to high-profile quality checking under special lights to clearly analyze the quality of the car glass windows before locking it into its specific car.

car glass front side window

What type of glass windows are important for dentists?

dentist office with glass windows

Glass has always been in demand since its evolution. Homes or clinics, you will find glass windows, doors, etc everywhere, being a symbol of class and aesthetic appeal. In this article, we going to cover all about the glass windows which hold immense importance for the dentists (since we had a request from Tannlege Bergen | Velkommen til Tannlege Bjelland & Co about making them new glass windows last week). What’s important to their patients is important for them as well. Hence, it needs a very wise and critical approach to selecting the right type of glass windows for dental clinics. We are going to unleash what kind of glass windows you should be going for.

Lead Glass Windows:

Finely stored in lead-lining, this glass type is the best for the dental clinics and it holds immense importance for the dentists as well. The comfort of their patients is the top-notch priority of every dentist. Thus, these lead glass windows are the best to choose. Why? Let’s dive into several benefits that it exhibits.

  • Privacy:

This is the key feature of these lead glass windows. Everybody loves his or her privacy and to fulfill this utter desire of every patient these partitioning lead glass windows are installed. These lead glass windows can be coated with any graphical design to enhance the appeal of the dental clinic, as well as keeping the patient’s privacy in mind. Thus, these lead glass windows hold immense importance for dentists.

  • Radiation Protecting:

A clinic is filled with different equipment and ornaments that must remain protected from the harmful X-rays radiation. These lead glass windows are also famous for granting protection against radiation. X-rays are notorious in town and all the essential utensils must remain protected from these harmful rays. Thus, lead glass windows prove to be essential for dentists, no matter what.

  • Light Scattering:

The clear and bright atmosphere is the optimum requirement of every clinic. However, a dental clinic requires a greater brightness than necessary because in such clinics more critical work is done regarding your mouth cavity. Hence, these lead glass windows are important for dentists because they scatter the light in such a way that it brightens the room more than expected to clearly inspect the patients. Hence, these hold prodigious importance for the dentists.

  • Deliberations:

Depending upon the structure of your windows and the configurations, these lead glass windows opt for any type of space. For a larger window, these lead glass windows are made thicker to give high durability to your windows, as well as your dental clinic. Moreover, these lead glass windows are made with a pinch of a noise-absorbing factor that escalates its importance in its consumer’s eyes. This factor is installed to avoid the echo that produces during the dialogue between a dentist and the patient. This again takes care of the privacy of the patients and thus, has enormous importance for dentists.

  • Free from Scratch and Abrasive Damage:

A glass without a scratch is difficult to find. A newly installed glass window will obviously be scratch free but does it remain the same after several years? No matter how many glass clearing sprays you buy, a couple of scratches still showcases from one side or another. This is because, to stand out in the horde of other glass windows, these lead glass windows are made in such a way that it remains scratch-free after several years too.

It’s a one-time installation process and it will last longer than you can imagine. Therefore, these lead glass windows type is important for dentists because of their exceptional features and artistic appeal. Moreover, this type of glass windows also keeps the privacy of the patients in mind, making them more important for dentists.

As a side note, since the dentist office Tannlege Bjelland & Co were asked if it was okay for us to mention them in this blog post, we got a nice offer back for all our readers, so if you need teeth whitening, they got a very good offer right now.

Tannlege bjelland & Co in Bergen

What is important to remember when installing windows for a physical therapist?

Windows are the key to block heat, water, unnecessary wind from coming into the room. Windows, in homes, are installed to give an aesthetic appeal to the house whereas in clinics they are installed for other purposes. In this article, we are going to cover all about the important point to remember while installing windows for physical therapists. Therapy of any kind is a major step in anybody’s life. Hence, the needs of the patients must also be fulfilled. A relation between a physical therapist and his or her patient escalates when the demands of the patients are fulfilled without even asking. Hence, there are certain points to remember when installing windows for a physical therapist.

  • Remember the Comfort:

A patient will never adapt to the circumstances unless he or she is comfortable within your entities. Therefore, the windows must be installed in such a way as to provide comfort and spread homely vibes to the patient. These windows must give out a little bit reflection of the sunlight giving a sense of warmth and homely feels to make the patient comfortable. Thus, this point must be remembered while installing windows for physical therapists.

  • Remember the Privacy:

The second most important point to remember while installing windows for a physical therapist is to respect the privacy of the patient. Privacy is important in everyone’s life, especially between a therapist and the patient. Thus, these windows should be installed in such a way as to keep the privacy of the patient and the therapist in the mind. These windows must be made sound-proof, as well as noise-absorbing to remove all the echo resounding during the dialogue between the patient and the doctor to make the patient contended and pleased by the atmosphere of the therapy room.

Just like these indoor windows for Fysioterapi Kristiansand – Helsehuset Salis Fysioklinikk that give indoor privacy for those waiting.

  • Remember the Consideration:

Don’t forget to measure the size of the window correctly. This is the most essential point to remember while installing windows for a physical therapist. A distorted and unfit window will instantly give out a clumsy vibe about the clinic. Hence, you must make sure the size of the window that opts for perfection. For a large-sized window, it is optimum to install a window with a thicker glass. A perfectly stored window lit up your clinic like a dynamite blown on the 4th of July. This not only gives a feeling of warmth but also makes the entire room artistically pleasing. Thus, the patient, instead of running away from the therapist, will certainly come back till the end of his or her treatment.

  • Remember to Give a Slight Design:

A pinch of graphical design doesn’t hurt anybody, right? But it may hurt your wallet a bit but it’s certainly worth it. For a physical therapist, the major goal to acquire is to treat his or her patient as a friend, to give his or her patient a nice, cozy feeling. This can only be achieved by giving your windows a slight design which will highlight them in the most aesthetic way and will make the entire room quite soothing. Windows are the most eye-grabbing thing in one’s room and it can or ruin your day quite instantly. Thus, you must keep this point in your mind while installing windows, that you must add a graphical design to the window or a thin coating of any mesmerizing material to make the entire room appealing.

Windows are the givers of sunshine and warmth in one’s life. Hence, they must be installed properly and appealingly because they hold immense importance for a patient, as well as the physical therapist.…

Why is it hard to see through car windows when strong lights shine

Car lights

The phenomena of seeing through glass windows is different in Light and Dark. How we are able to see things in the presence of light is totally different than what we get to see when the light quality is low. This is because our pupils adjust to both these light conditions in a different way.

Another common question that is asked is why we is it hard for us to see through car windows when strong light shine? It might be a little hard to explain but by dividing it into simpler and easy steps we can help understand why this happens.
Let’s take the example of when we are unable to see properly when we come inside from a sunny room. This is because our eyes take their time to adjust. When we are outside, there are a lot of sunny rays around us. The light available outside has made our eyes adjust to it. Due to high availability of light, our pupils reduce in size. This is done so that only a little amount of light is able to pass through.

Now the size of your pupil is lesser and when you come inside, there is obviously less light. As a result, you are unable to see properly. The amount of light passing through is less which makes it hard for you to see. 

This can help us understand what is actually happening when we are unable to see through car windows when strong lights shine. While you are driving or while you are inside your car your eye has adjusted to the amount of light available around. Soon, when extra amount of light shines without your notice, it is hard for your eyes to adjust so quickly. This is why we find it hard to see through glass when strong lights shine.Easpecially if there is a coming car with very strong led lys bil.

The amount of light may be too much for your eye to handle so quickly. Moreover, our eyes our also pretty sensitive. They are made in such a way that they do not allow a lot of light to pass through to reduce the chances of any damage that could happen to the eye.

We can get more into this by taking another helpful example. This example revolves around the fact that if we take two pictures of a window where the same amount of light is turned on inside the room. The only difference is that one picture was taken in the day time while the other was taken in the light when less light was coming from behind.

This happens because when it is dark outside the light that hits the window goes two ways, some of it goes through the window and some reflects itself off the window. Some of the light also goes through the window and if anyone is outside, they would be able to see what is inside.

And what happens when it is not so dark outside? On a sunny day, some of the reflected light from inside the room goes through the window. A person who happens to be outside the window might not be able to easily see inside of the light that reflects itself from the outside is way too bright to be easily seen.

The phenomena that takes place is not very hard to understand. One must have the basic knowledge concerning how light works after being reflected from the surface. Moreover, a little insight regarding how our eyes work also help understand this phenomena.


How Are The Glass Windows Made?

A glass is said to be a pane of glass which is said not to be complicated structure.  It is made up of a versatile material that can be able to mould into the number of shapes as well as sizes. The material can also get coloured, clear or even gazed. To make the glass, there are some steps which are mentioned below.

  • The first step is to make the glass. It is made by mixing sand with other substances like lime as well as sodium bicarbonate. After that, it is taken to molten liquid with the help of using extreme temperatures.
  • The second step is to cool the molten glass in the desired shape and size.
  • After that, the molten glass is drawn to tank that contains melted tin and glass floats to the surface of the tin in the tank and transformed to the glass. This method is called a drawing method.
  • After that, the glass is again shaped, and it goes annealing process. In this, it is reheated and then slowly cooled to prevent it from shattering.
  • The glass is made of gaze as well as it coated with the heat absorbing tints.

This is the process that is used to make the window glass for your houses or buildings.

When the glass window gets damaged or get cracked it is seen that people run here and there to know how to replace it. But to replace it is very easy and you need to follow some steps for that.…

Steps For Replacing Window

  • The very first thing you need to do for the damaged window is to apply painter’s tape in X shape on the glass which will be removed. While doing this make sure you cover all the cracked surface.
  • If there is any old putty, then use the heat gun as it will melt the putty and can easily be removed.
  • After that remove the broken glass from the frame and then go for L Shaped grooves to clean away the old paint as well as putty.
  • After that apply some thin layer of glazing compound in the primed grooves and press the little glass bit to bed it.
  • After that paint the window frame.

These are some steps by which one can follow to change the window. But still it is said to be dangerous as you can injure yourselves or any other thing may happen. So you need to take help from the expert agency to replace this.